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This Terms and Conditions sheet

will accompany all trip confirmations



Holiday Travel Network is delighted to confirm your vacation.  We appreciate your business and hope that you have a wonderful experience.  Please take a few minutes to read the important information below, as well as your vacation confirmation and the travel insurance information that has been provided to you.  Holiday Travel Network is not responsible for issues of misunderstanding that may arise because a customer has failed to read the information provided.  It is incumbent upon the traveler to make us aware of any medical, dietary or other special needs that they may have.  We are here to help make your vacation as stress-free as possible and accurate communication between Holiday Travel Network and its customers is very important.  Please call us if you have any questions or if you would like to make any changes.


ACCURACY:  Please verify that the information shown on your confirmation is as you understood it to be when you booked your vacation.  Any errors not reported immediately to Holiday Travel Network may result in travel suppliers charging substantial fees plus applicable fare increases for changes which will be the responsibility of the traveler(s).

PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP:  Generally speaking, passports are required to travel outside of the United States.  Some countries may require a visa as well.  The spelling of the names on your confirmation must match exactly the spelling of the names on your passports.  Please notify Holiday Travel Network immediately if you are not a United States citizen.  Legal alien residents of the United States are required to present their Alien Registration Card (“green card”) to re-enter the U.S.  All travelers assume full responsibility for inquiring, confirming and obtaining passports, visas, vaccinations, other entry requirements and safety & security conditions of the destination(s) to be visited.  Additional information concerning U.S. passports and travel safety advisories can be found at  Medical advisories and vaccination requirements can be found at  Please note that the U.S. Government strongly recommends that your passport does not expire earlier than 6 months after you return to the United States.

EXTENDING YOUR VACATION:  If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you add a pre-vacation hotel stay to your cruise or tour package.  Arriving at your city of embarkation a day or two early will allow you additional time to explore new adventures while also providing you with peace of mind if you should encounter any delays due to inclement  weather or transportation mishaps.

TRANSPORTATION:  Unless specifically noted otherwise on the confirmation, transportation to and from the cities of embarkation and debarkation is solely the travel purchaser’s responsibility.  The purchaser understands that cruise lines and tour operators have schedules to maintain and that it is incumbent upon the traveler to allow sufficient travel time, allowing for disruptions, to assure that they arrive at the scheduled embarkation port in sufficient time to meet the schedule provided.

AIR TRAVEL:  If you purchased your air transportation through the cruise line’s or tour operator’s standard air program, your departure (home) airport is identified on your confirmation.  Airline tickets issued by the cruise lines and tour operators are highly restricted and you may find that your tickets cannot be reissued, revalidated or exchanged for another carrier or routing.  Once the cruise line or tour operator has issued the air tickets, changes may incur additional costs or may not be possible at all.  If the flight parameters are very important to you, please notify us immediately and we will assist you with custom air arrangements (for an additional fee).  Please note that changing or cancelling airfare after it is initially booked may result in incurring additional fees.

INSURANCE:  Holiday Travel Network wants your trip to be worry-free.  That’s why we strongly recommend that you purchase the travel protection insurance. This special insurance for cruise and tour vacationers includes coverage for trip cancellation or interruption due to covered unforeseen circumstances, baggage loss or damage, and medical coverage for accidents or illness incurred while on vacation.  When outside of the United States, your existing medical insurance policy may not provide protection for you.  Certain benefits are available only if the insurance is purchased within 14 days of the initial travel deposit.  The cost of the travel insurance has been included in your confirmation as a separate line item.  If you do not want this valuable coverage, simply deduct the insurance premium from your total trip cost and include a note with your final payment stating that you are declining the insurance.  By declining the purchase of travel insurance, the traveler assumes all responsibility for the risks inherent to traveling.

CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS:  All changes and cancellations must be in writing and are subject to a Holiday Travel Network administrative fee of up to $100 per person.  Additional fees may be imposed by the cruise lines and tour providers themselves.  Some specially priced and packaged group trips may also incur additional charges.  Please consult with Holiday Travel Network prior to making cancellations or changes.

COMMUNICATIONS:  All correspondence from Holiday Travel Network will be sent to the first person listed on the confirmation.  Generally, this is the person who arranged for the vacation with the Holiday Travel Network consultant.  It is incumbent upon this person to communicate all information received to the other members of the traveling party.  This information may include, but not be limited to:  the information contained herein; payment terms and schedules; insurance information; cancellation policies and penalties; and, any additional information that is needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation.

AGENCY DISCLAIMER:  Holiday Travel Network is an independently owned and operated travel agency and acts solely as a general booking agent for the purpose of processing bookings and reservations with various travel suppliers.  Holiday Travel Network has no control over the travel suppliers, the fares charged for their services, their policies and procedures, the scheduling of their services, or the methods of providing services.  Therefore, Holiday Travel Network shall not be responsible or liable, and is released from responsibility and liability, for any delay, inconvenience, loss, personal injury, or damage to personal property, to any traveler resulting from breach of contract or any acts of omissions on the part of any travel supplier, any cancellation of any service by a travel supplier, any refund due from a travel supplier, any terrorist activities, civil or labor unrest, mechanical or construction defects or failures, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, asteroid impacts, Hell freezing over, locust swarms, dead car batteries, or any other cause not directly under our control.

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